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Hello again everyone! I wanted to shoot out a quick thank-you post for everyone’s participation in the 18th annual Stoneleigh Stampede. This year we had an AMAZING 565 athletes turn out to enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning with us. While it was a touch warm, everyone knew Rita’s was waiting at the end so they ran like crazy : ) A few notes from my end…

First, thank you SOOOOO much to all those who volunteered. As you know this is somewhat of a production so without your help this race would literally have been impossible. Not only do I love that you all make this possible but I also love seeing all of our neighbors come together for a good cause and have a blast together. Thanks again for all of your help and I hope I will see you again next year!

Next, a BIG thank you to this year’s corporate sponsors. Their logos are on the back of the shirts as well as on this website. Athlete registrations largely fund the race itself while the corporate sponsors make up the bulk of our charitable donations. Their generosity helps our neighborhood really make a difference in charities that are, for the most part, ones chosen for their proximity to our neighborhood – mostly because they helped someone in our neighborhood directly. If you have not already, take a moment to review those sponsors and, if your life needs dictate, please consider including them in your list of potential professionals. We would love to return the favor.

Finally, a big thank you to all who participated. Without your continued interest, this event would not be still alive and ticking. As this was my first year organizing this I have only experienced watching you all cross the finish line the one time. I sincerely hope to see you all again next year. It truly was an amazing way to start the summer season. Bring a friend next year!

As to housekeeping here are some important URLs:

Curious how you did? The official results are located here:

You can also see them under the Stoneleigh Stampede menu item on

Hungry for more running? You can now also REGISTER for next year’s race here:
(it is never too early you know)

A final thank you goes out to Ellen Sheridan who volunteered photography duties for the day! She captured some great shots of the day and I love that we have the following gallery to share with you as a result:

Honestly and truly I had a great time and I cannot wait for next year’s event! For those of you not aware, if you have kids between the ages of 4 and 12, our next event is Labor Day and is the Kid’s Try-athlon. Emphasis on the “try” part as this is an amazing kids event. If you would like to check it out, you can do so at the same website as the Stampede:

Looking forward to seeing everyone again either on Labor Day, next Memorial Day, or both! Until then…



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