Race Information

Packet pick-up will be on Friday night starting at 4:30pm and will run until 6:30pm. Joe’s Bike Shop will be there to check bikes as well so be sure to come down, pick up your race bag, and get your bike checked out.


Welcome to the Kids Try-athlon information page! We hope that this will give you everything you need to know about the race.

The Stoneleigh Kids Try-Athlon is fast approaching. Sunday, Sept 2 is the event date this year.

Entry deadline to ensure T shirt size and custom bib names is August 14.

Last year’s event was a huge success, and we had 120 kids participate in the event. We plan to repeat that this year, and will hope for another beautiful day.

First, and most importantly, this is a race for fun, so no experience is necessary, and you don’t even have to be able to swim or ride a two-wheeler yet to race. Swimmers who have not passed the Stoneleigh deep water test will use the shallow end of the pool for the event, and training wheels are just fine. If you little athlete can run across the shallow end of the pool, ride (or be pushed by a parent) on a training-wheel-enabled bike around the pool roads, and jog or walk around the same roads by the pool, then they could very easily be a part of the race.

So what is a “Try”athlon anyway?

Good question. A triathlon is an event where you swim, then ride a bike, then run; always in that order. In the Stoneleigh Kids’ Try-athlon, you will swim in the Stoneleigh pool, then ride your bike around the neighborhood, and then run around the neighborhood. Here, we “try” as many of our athletes are new to the game, hence the name.

What if my athlete has not passed the deep end test?

Absolutely not a problem! As mentioned above, we will be sprinting across the shallow end for those who cannot negotiate the deep end.

What is required for me to do for the race?

  1. Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to live in Stoneleigh!
  2. Children from age 4-12 on race day
  3. Parent or guardian permission required
  4. All applications are accepted on this website under “Register
  5. Entry fee of $25.00 per entrant, up to a max of $70.00 family, by check payable to “Stoneleigh Community Association” must accompany application to be considered.
  6. Registrations may be allowed after 8/19/16, but t-shirts sizes cannot be guaranteed for those received after 8/19/16.
  7. An approved bicycle and helmet (see below)

This thing sounds amazing and I wanna help!

Perfect! Drop us a line. We always need help and will find something for you to do!

Parking on the Course

The race committee suggests that residents on the following streets attempt to park their cars in their driveways on the morning of September 2 (and Monday Septermber 3 if the race moves to the rain date) – this will make the course as wide and safe as possible, and may also protect your car from young bike riders!

Hatherleigh (between Wardman and Rich Hill only)
Rich Hill Rd.
Wardman Rd (Hatherleigh to Wellington)
Tred Avon Rd.
Wellington Rd (between Copeleigh and Wardman)

Race Course Information

Swim Course

The swim will be in our lovely Stoneleigh Pool and is designed to be a fun and inviting start to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Swimming will be as follows:

Ages 4 – 5: 1 length of the pool

Ages 6 – 7: 2 lengths of the pool

Ages 8 – 9: 4 lengths of the pool

Ages 10 – 12: 8 lengths of the pool

For any swimmer uncomfortable with the laps, they are more than welcome to run across the shallow end instead! Our pool offers us this great alternative and many, many of the kids will be taking it. Of course we always encourage swimming but running and splashing your way across is just as good at this race!

Bike Course

There are two bike courses in the race that will be used for the various age groups. The first will be our shorter course which essentially runs around the pool area. Ages 4 – 5 will do one loop around; ages 6 – 7 will do two loops.

The second is a longer loop for the older kids. Ages 8 – 9 will do one loop while ages 10 – 12 will do two loops.

The bike course starts and ends in the pool parking lot transition area. Please note that athletes must mount and dismount their bikes immediately outside of the pool parking area for safety. This will be taken pretty seriously as the transition area will be quite lively so please remind your little athletes to jump off before charging into the parking lot!

Run Course

The run course is an out-and-back on Hatherleigh & Wardman. We will be turning age groups around by color on that road. All turn-arounds will be clearly marked.

Green Turnaround will be for our 4 – 5 year olds.

Yellow Turnaround will be for our 6 – 7 year olds.

Red Turnaround will be for our 8 – 9 year olds.

Blue Turnaround will be for our 10 – 12 year olds.

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