3rd Annual Stoneleigh Putt Putt Tournament


Welcome all to the 3rd Annual Stoneleigh Putt Putt Tournament. After months of planning, preparation, talking smack, and general buzz around this thing, we are finally here and ready to rock! Here is all you need to know…

  • Someone should check you in at the pool and enter your name into the system.
  • Go to the “Start Scoring Now” button below. From there, simply check the names of the group you are scoring for.
  • From there, you will have the ability to score those folks for the duration of the day.
  • Scoring could not be simpler. Simply select the hole you are scoring for via the pulldown and then use the plus and minus signs to adjust the score for a given player. Since you are not playing the course in numerical order, please make sure to select the right hole you are scoring for.
  • At the end please don’t forget to vote for your favorite hole!

Course Map


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Round 1